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Get Organized with a Wedding Binder PDF Print E-mail
Written by Laurie Morgan (Admin)   

A binder can be a great tool to organize wedding planning details like brochures, budgets, business cards, your calendar, and other paraphernalia in one place. If you've never planned an event before - or even if you have! - you'll find that getting organized and knowing that all the details are in one place can greatly reduce pre-wedding stress.

Sacramento-area wedding consultant Jackie Young of Every Little Detail provides a guide to getting organized with a wedding binder in her article from the latest print edition of The Wedding & Special Event Yellow Pages. Click here to read and print Jackie's complete article in PDF form.

Making the Most of a Bridal Show PDF Print E-mail
Written by Laurie Morgan (Admin)   

Wedding shows (also often called "wedding expos" or "bridal faires") can be a great way to learn about many categories of wedding services at once, talk to vendors in person, get ideas, and even book services efficiently. Plus, you can often pick up free copies of multiple wedding publications* (often saving more than the cost of admission!), gain discounts from wedding vendors for booking at the show, and register for drawings to win wedding prizes.

But, without planning, the experience of attending a bridal show can be overwhelming and unproductive. Here are our tips for busy brides who want to enjoy and make the most of their wedding show attendance:

• Pre-evaluate the show. Wedding shows differ in size, scope and atmosphere. Smaller shows often promote an "intimate setting," a focus on a specific local area, and a relatively small number of vendors (30 or 40 vendors or fewer). These smaller bridal shows (often held at a restaurant, wedding reception site, or community center) usually offer a relaxed atmosphere and time to visit with vendors at length. There will be less variety, but you can learn more about whether any specific vendor is a "fit" for your wedding.

If show is at a large expo center or hotel ballroom -- and the show advertises 50, 150 ore more participating wedding exhibitors -- odds are the show will be large and crowded. At this type of wedding show, you'll have the opportunity to see a wide variety of vendors, but perhaps not talk to them at length. Be prepared for the crowds of brides and grooms, and to quickly identify the vendors you want to see and the material you want to collect at the bridal show.

• Prioritize categories. Are there some services you already have or know you won't need? Commit to skipping those booths so you have the time and energy to see the things you're really interested in. Remember that some categories need to be booked very far ahead, such as wedding reception sites and wedding professionals who can only book one wedding per day (such as wedding photographers and DJs). Put these at the top of your bridal show priority list if you still need these services.

• Hate crowds? Plan to avoid them. Exhibits at most bridal shows are quiet during their fashion shows. If you already have your wedding gown selected, skip the fashion show and visit wedding vendors instead. Most shows also quiet down during the last hour or two, when most brides and grooms have already left. You can usually talk to wedding vendors at greater length, with less interruption, during these lulls.

• Prepare to set appointments. Bring your calendar/planner or Palm device with you. For smaller shows, you may find it helpful to bring your wedding binder if you have one.

• Pre-printed labels or a stamp with your name, address, wedding date or planned date (important!), phone and email will save time filling out forms and help you avoid writer's cramp.

• Check the exhibitor list (from the web site, or call the show) - make a point of visiting any vendors you're already considering. (A show can be a great environment for comparing vendors.)

• Bring reinforcements. Your fianc้, your mom and/or your bridesmaids can all be helpful to your bridal show shopping. (And having decision makers with you helps, in case you want to book a vendor right at the show.) But don't bring along kids or others who'll get bored -- a show can make for a long day. And don't forget bottled water, healthful, portable snacks, and your wallet/checkbook.

• Confirm wedding show location, parking, hours, etc. Show advertising is often placed months before the event - and occasionally the hours, location, or even the date of the wedding show may have changed after printing. Doublecheck the bridal show's web site to be sure!

• Wear comfortable shoes!

Brides: be ready for anything: prepare a wedding day emergency kit PDF Print E-mail
Written by Jackie Young   

Wedding day emergencies are not uncommon ... but they don't have to derail your day if you just plan ahead. The Wedding & Special Event Yellow Pages recommends that you prepare the following emergency kit a week or two ahead of your wedding (to be sure you have time to acquire all the components). An overnight bag or knapsack works well.

Give the kit to your bridal consultant, your mom or your groom's mom, or another trusted family member or friend who can bring it to the wedding ceremony early and be sure it's available to you if needed.

• Beauty Needs. Nail polish, lipstick (for touchups), nail clipper and file, tissues and/or extra handkerchief, bobby pins, hairspray, comb/brush/pick, makeup remover, toothbrush and toothpaste, and a hand mirror.

• Garment Emergencies. Sewing kit, club soda, stain remover wipes or detergent pen, clear polish (for stockings), safety pins, tape (duct, scotch, double-stick), extra jewelry/earrings, extra pantyhose/stockings, extra shoes (e.g., flats).

• Health Needs. Bottled water, healthy snacks (crackers, fruit), hard candy/mints, band-aids, medicines (aspirin/acetominophen/ibuprofen, decongestant, allergy medicine, antacid/upset stomach medicines, any prescriptions).

• Other Potential Emergencies. Vendor contact/cell phone list (important!), spare cash, super-glue, driving directions, umbrella(s), camera/video supplies.

• Want to print this list? PDF version appears here (after the timeline).

This article was contributed by Jackie Young of Every Little Detail.

Brides: Register to Win with our Local AND Web Sweepstakes! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Laurie Morgan (Admin)   

If you're a bride planning a wedding, our pledge is to help you do it more easily, with less stress and more fun!  We do that first and foremost by providing you with local directories that are comprehensive, easy to use and FREE. Our directories are open to anyone visiting our site (or visiting one of our vendor locations to pick up a free print edition).

 Register with us, and you can take advantage of a few extra goodies!  First, you'll be able to join our community of brides: talk with other brides across the country, and review and rate the vendors you work with (this provides valuable feedback to other brides who are shopping -- so please take a few moments to add your ratings).

Best of all, ONE registration gets you access to both our online drawings AND any local drawing promoted in the print edition for your area.  It's easy to register (just a few short questions), you can set up an anonymous avator/username for the community, and we keep all your information private (we never, ever, give your email address to other parties -- you'll only hear from us, and only occasionally).

To get started, head to our registration page, here.

With best wishes for your wedding,

The Wedding & Special Event Yellow Pages team

ps -- Past prizes have included spa gift certificates (!), weekend getaways, gown gift certificates and more! They're always tailored to the needs of busy brides, and easy to use in your local area.


Last Minute Touches! PDF Print E-mail
Written by Laurie Morgan (Admin)   
Wednesday, 08 July 2009 21:06

Welcome to our new site!  We're almost done readying the site for an "open-for-business" announcement.  In the meantime, though, visitors are welcome (just know that you might stumble upon a thing or two we're still working on).  We're delighted to see a few more new visitors coming to check out the site each day.

Whether you a a bride or a wedding professional, please don't forget to register while you're here.  If you're a vendor, registration will permit you to submit your own listing (the basic one is free!) and make sure your information is available to brides in your area.  If you're a bride, register to take advantage of special offers we send to the brides on our list -- and to have the opportunity to provide your ratings and reviews of vendors you hire for your wedding.

- The Wedding & Special Event Yellow Pages and Wedding Vendor Profiles Team!

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